3 Electricity Resolutions for Pinellas Residents to Make this Year

As you plan for the upcoming year, you may be making your list of New Year’s resolutions. Many of the residents in Pinellas County, Florida, are looking for ways to trim their monthly utility bills, so you may want to think about adding a few resolutions that relate to saving electricity.

Swap Out Inefficient Lightbulbs

The first resolution you can make is to replace those inefficient lightbulbs that are eating up energy in your home. The best options are LED bulbs, which are extremely efficient and produce little to no heat when they’re in use. The risk of an electrical fire goes down when the bulbs don’t produce heat, so you can feel more confident with these bulbs.

Additionally, LED bulbs use up to 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last much longer. Although they’re a bit more expensive upfront, LED bulbs are worth the investment this year.

Protect Your Home from Surges

Thunder and lightning storms in the area can cause power surges in your home, which can damage your electronics, appliances, and other devices. Another resolution you may want to make this year is having a whole-home power surge protector installed. An electrician can perform this task, protecting your valuable electronics from the risk of a power surge.

Reduce Energy Use

It’s always smart to reduce how much energy your household uses, so now is the time to make a resolution to trim waste. Start noticing when lights are left on, and turn them off when you leave a room. Unplug your electronics if they’re not currently in use. You may even want to consider replacing outdated appliances with ENERGY STAR-certified options. Create a competition among members of your family to see who can reduce their energy usage the most and earn a prize.

If you are struggling to keep your electric bills under control, our team at Luminous Electric may be able to help by replacing outdated wiring or inefficient components, so give us a call at .

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