3 Signs Your Home Needs Electrical Repair

Most electrical systems can last for years or decades without any major problems. However, when you start to see sparks or discover that some switches no longer work in your Bradenton, Florida, home, it’s time to take action. Get to know three signs that your home needs electrical repair, and learn whether you can take care of the repairs yourself.

You Regularly Get Electric Shocks

Static shocks are an annoying side effect of the winter season, but electric shocks can be a sign of a bigger problem. If you regularly experience painful shocks when touching electric appliances or turning on light switches, take note of where and how often this happens. Our technicians will determine whether the outlet needs a new ground-fault circuit interrupter or a more advanced solution like electrical rewiring.

Light Switches Don’t Work

Sometimes malfunctioning light switches and outlets simply mean that you’ve blown a circuit. If you notice that lights are out or appliances aren’t turning on any longer, check your circuit breaker first. If you’ve tripped a circuit, simply reset it and keep track of how often it happens.

If your electrical problem doesn’t seem to originate with the circuit breaker, however, you might be dealing with a much larger issue. In fact, this is a sign that your electrical system has a bad connection somewhere down the line. Rather than investigating it yourself and risking injury, give us a call to get to the bottom of the problem.

Your Outlets Have Been Known to Spark

If you notice your outlets emitting sparks when you plug in an appliance or electrical device, this is a sign of a potentially dangerous problem. The issue might lie with the device itself, but there’s also a good chance there’s a problem with your electrical system. Instead of risking electrical shock, shut off power to the outlet at the panel. Call our experienced electricians right away to investigate wiring problems or electrical overload.

Have you noticed any of these electrical malfunctions in your home? Call your local electrical repair experts at Luminous Electric for professional help today: .

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