4 Common Problems with Light Fixtures

If you notice unexpected flickering, humming, or dimming lights in your Sarasota, Florida, home, it can mean there’s a problem with your light fixtures. In fact, there are many common problems with light fixtures that may require a higher-than-DIY level of intervention to resolve. Have a professional address these types of electrical problems to resolve them quickly and safely.

Bulbs Burn Out Early

There are several reasons your lightbulbs might burn out faster than expected. Using a bulb with a wattage higher than the rating of your light fixture can cause the bulb to burn out quickly. Check the wattage of your bulbs and light fixtures to make sure they match.

If you’re using lightbulbs at the correct wattage and they’re still burning out, have the fixture examined. A qualified electrician can test your fixture for problems, repair it, or replace it if necessary.


When your lights flicker or blink, it usually means there’s a poor electrical connection. Your bulbs may be old and need replacement, or maybe your light fixture isn’t working properly. Consider having your fixtures and wiring inspected to find and fix the source of the problem.


This problem is usually particular to lights controlled by a dimmer switch. A conflict between the dimmer and the light fixture can cause the light to make a humming sound when turned on. Have an electrician try different dimmers until you find one that doesn’t cause humming when in use.

A faulty light fixture can also cause lights to hum. Consider having your fixture repaired or replaced if you can’t find a dimmer that stays quiet when the lights are on.


Turning on appliances like microwaves or air conditioners can cause lights to dim. These types of appliances use the most power when they start up, which can make your lights dim for a few moments. To prevent this problem, have an electrician install a separate circuit for power-hungry appliances.

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