4 Electrical Safety Tips for your New Baby

While you do everything you can to keep your kids safe, hidden dangers may lurk in your Sarasota, Florida, home. Electricity is a source of danger for young children. Keep your new baby safe with these four electrical safety tips.

Prevent Access

To reduce the risk of electrical injury to babies, unplug appliances that are not in use, and keep the cords well out of their reach. Babies can’t resist yanking on cords. This can spell disaster if they pull on a heavy item or a dangerous appliance like a hot iron. For regularly-used items or those that remain plugged in, check to make sure little ones won’t be able to reach sockets or cords.

Install Tamper-Resistant Outlets

Many plug outlets are near the ground, making them easily accessible to crawling babies. Removable outlet covers are useful but aren’t always foolproof. Curious infants can succeed at prying off a cover. Tamper-resistant outlets are more secure. Just remember to keep the outlets covered at all times.

Switch to LED Lighting

Babies are inquisitive and find just about everything to be fascinating. They may want to touch a lamp or bedside light, and this means they can burn their tiny fingers on a hot bulb. LED lights produce very little heat, even when operating for a long time, making them safer for wandering hands.

Fix Faulty Wiring Immediately

Faulty or exposed wiring is a problem for the entire household. Whether because of damage or unfinished work, you might have wires extending from sockets or baseboards. A crawling infant won’t be able to resist investigating. If these are live wires, the results could be an electric shock or burns. Protect your family by contacting a professional immediately for repairs.

Keeping your family safe is important to us at Luminous Electric. We’ll visit your Sarasota, Florida, home to conduct a full electrical inspection. We’ll also check if your home is code-compliant and recommend solutions for any potential electrical hazards. Give us a call at .

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