4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Write Off Surge Protection

As an Anna Maria, FL homeowner, you know the value of surge protectors. With our modern lifestyles relying more and more on electronics, it’s important to keep our equipment safe in the event of a storm or inductive surge. When it comes to finding the best protection for your electronics, here are some reasons you should consider whole-house surge protection.

1. Surge Protection Is in High Demand

Aside from our increased use of electronics, modern homes feature more LED lights, appliances, and circuit boards than ever before. There’s a lot that can go wrong if a power surge hits, and traditional surge protectors aren’t always enough. Whole-house surge protection gives you peace of mind when you’re away from home and can’t go around unplugging vital electronics during dangerous weather.

2. Homeowners Are the Leading Cause of Power Surges

You may think that lighting is the chief source of power surges, but 80 percent of surges are caused by people. Transient surges can occur when we do something as simple as run an appliance or operate an air conditioning system, and these overvoltages are more likely to harm your home’s systems than any storm. For that reason, it’s best to incorporate a combination of whole-house and point-of-use surge protection to boost your coverage.

3. Whole-House Surge Protection Can Be Layered to Boost Protection

You wouldn’t buy just one surge protector for all of your desktop computer cords. The same concept extends to whole-home protection. Whole-house surge protectors can be layered to protect not only your electrical panel but also more sensitive electronics like home entertainment systems. They can be customized to serve a single access point or an entire building.

4. Professionals Stand Behind the Protection

Whole-house surge protection isn’t something you can implement on your own. It requires professional installation at the meter or electrical panel to protect the master electric supply. Most homeowners appreciate this professional attention to detail and feel safer because of it.

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