Can Your Home’s Electrical System Support All of Your High-Tech Gagets?

Most homeowners’ electricity needs have changed significantly over the years, and the electrical systems of some homes can no longer keep up. Find out whether your electrical system can support your gadgets and learn how you can upgrade your Sarasota home’s wiring if necessary.

Evolution of Electrical Systems

Decades ago, 60 amps was the standard for power in homes, as this allowed homeowners to keep lights illuminated and run typical domestic appliances. Many homes today have much greater demands, often requiring upwards of 200 amps to operate necessary gadgets and appliances. From computer systems to HDTVs to air conditioners and smart house hubs, homes in the 21st century use significantly more power than they did just a few decades ago.

How to Know if Your System Can Cut It

If you’re not sure that your home’s electrical system is up to date, keep an eye out for a few key signals. Lights that dim when you turn on certain appliances can signal your power needs aren’t being met. Hot outlets can also indicate that your home’s wiring is outdated and conducting an unsafe amount of heat. If you constantly have to reset your home’s circuit breakers, this may mean your existing circuits can’t handle your home’s electrical requirements.

Ways to Improve Your Electrical System

You typically have two options for improving the electrical system in your home. By installing a new electrical service panel, you can increase your home’s available power from 60 to as much as 200 amps. Replacing the electrical panel isn’t always enough, especially if your home’s wiring is a few decades old. By rewiring the electrical system in your home, you’ll remove all outdated and unsafe wiring that no longer meets code. Rewiring your home requires a greater investment, but it’s the most comprehensive way to ensure your electrical system can truly support your gadgets.

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