Creating the Perfect Playroom: how to Outfit Your Attic for Kids

If your attic space is currently unused, it could present the perfect option for a playroom. Finish your Sarasota attic space and you’ll suddenly have all new square footage to add to your house, and a very special retreat for your smallest family members. Low ceilings and odd dimensions only add charm to an area dedicated to children, so use these tips to turn your attic into a whimsical escape.

Insulate for Air Quality

Attic insulation is always a big efficiency booster for your home, but it goes from helpful to necessary when you’re planning to use the attic as a playroom. Spray-foam roof insulation is your best option. It’s more efficient than fiberglass batt insulation, creating an airtight barrier that will prevent unwanted heat loss and gain. You can also get away with a much thinner application when you’re using spray-foam insulation, so you’ll have more headroom in the attic for children to play.

Blunt the Corners

If your attic roof creates angular corners, soften them, so they’re not too sharp. Any corner with an outside angle can cause injury if it’s left with sleek corners and sharp edges. Blunt them instead for a softer look and feel that’s better for everyone.

Know Your Codes

Make sure your renovation plans are in line with all residential code requirements for your Sarasota home. In common rooms, you should have an outlet on any wall that’s 24 inches or longer. Outlets should be available every 12 feet, and face-up outlets are prohibited. Speaking with a professional about the code regulations for your attic renovation can help you avoid costly mistakes with proper planning ahead of time.

Add Carefully Sealed Windows

Windows in the attic will add a beautiful touch of natural light to your playroom, so you don’t have to rely on electrical lights every time your children are playing. To keep the indoor air quality high and your utility bills low, make sure your windows are properly sealed against air leaks.

Create Kid-Friendly Floors

You can outfit the floors in your playroom for children in two ways. First, install wood or wood laminate floors that are easy to clean. Sweeping up glitter, crumbs, and other messes is easier than vacuuming, and wet messes are always easier to handle on a hard floor.

To soften this flooring choice, add a selection of small plush rugs or floor pillows. These are easily cleaned by themselves with a quick spin in the washer. You can also move your soft spaces around as needed when you want a patch of hard floor to build a fantastical city or a cozy corner for reading a book.

Sneak in Storage

Toys can multiply at an alarming rate, and there’s nothing worse than stepping on a wayward block or car, particularly when you’re navigating a smaller play space. Incorporate storage into your playroom design naturally, so you can easily tuck toys into drawers, bins, or shelving spaces. Recessed drawers or shelves in knee walls are a particularly smart solution that makes the most of the unique architecture found in your attic.

Add Power with a Professional

It’s important that your playroom be wired properly for everything from lights to a television or computer. Adding electrical wiring to your attic is not a DIY job. Whether your home is ready for a full electrical wiring upgrade, or you’re only adding wiring to the attic, you should call a professional in for the job. Make sure you think about the layout of the room and how you want to wire it well ahead of time to streamline the job. Consider where you will place lights and other electronics, so you have handy outlets everywhere you need them.

Your finished attic will give your children a special place to play, pretend, and relax that’s all their own. If you’re ready to tackle the wiring for your new playroom, contact Luminous Electric at .

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