Whole House Generator in Bradenton

A Whole House Generator Can Eliminate Power Outage Frustrations

There is nothing more frustrating than a power outage. it can be difficult to work, play, keep your family comfortable and even cook. that’s why many people choose to use a generator so they have access to power even during an outage. There are two main types available–portable and whole house generators. Let us explain what a whole house generator is and why it may be a smart choice for you.

What is a Whole House Generator?

A whole house generator is an installed fixture; it looks much like an air conditioning unit. It connects to your home’s electrical system and has its own fuel source. With an automatic switch, it turns on when you lose power. Usually in less than 30 seconds after the power goes out. It will provide power to your house throughout the outage. Then, when power restores it shuts off and normal power will resume. A whole house generator is much like what a hospital or business uses to ensure they maintain power.

Benefits of Whole House Generators vs. Portable Generators

A generator is the best way to make sure your home has power in case of a utility outage. At a low price point starting at $200 or so, a portable generator is appealing to many homeowners. So, why consider a whole house generator instead? The portable unit has limited power and cannot keep a whole house running. Consider these extra benefits.

  • Fuel Source – Whole house generators use natural gas or propane, which is often easier to store than gas.
  • No Extension Cords – Permanent wiring means no extension cords running through your home.
  • Automatic Switch – Choose an automatic switch for your generator. Then, the changeover from one power source to another is seamless.
  • Quieter – A whole house generator is, by and large, quieter than a portable unit. If you need to use it for an extended time it will be less obtrusive.

Choosing a Generator

With all the generators on the market today, choosing the right one is a challenge. Work with a professional electrician to choose the ideal generator for your home. Size matters, so picking one that has power enough to keep your house running is important. Choose a high quality brand like Generac. You can feel confident your generator will work when you need it most.

Professional Installation of Whole House Generators

One of the most important considerations with whole house generators is the installation. This is not a project you want to try to take on yourself. A generator requires careful installation by a electrician to ensure success. Also, any task that involves working with electricity can be dangerous. Hiring a professional to do the job ensures safety and quality work.

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