Whole House Generator in Florida

A Whole House Electrical Generator Can Eliminate Power Outage Frustrations

There is nothing more frustrating than a power outage. it can be difficult to work, play, keep your family comfortable and even cook. that’s why many people choose to use a generator so they have access to power even during an outage. There are two main types available–portable and whole house generators. Let us explain what a whole house electrical generator is and why it may be a smart choice for you.


Powering Up Hillsborough, Pinellas, Tampa & the Surrounding Areas

Florida regularly experiences extreme weather and power outages. Everyone who lives in Florida knows what it’s like to lose power. Thunderstorms, which occur pretty much daily in Florida, have the capacity to leave thousands without electricity in an instant. The team at Luminous Electric can ensure you are never left in the dark.

We are an electrical company that is family owned and operated and committed to top-notch customer service. We provide whole house electrical generators that will power you through rough weather and keep your house and family safe all year long.

What is a Whole House Generator?

A whole house generator is an installed fixture; it looks much like an air conditioning unit. It connects to your home’s electrical system and has its own fuel source. With an automatic switch, it turns on when you lose power. Usually in less than 30 seconds after the power goes out. It will provide power to your house throughout the outage. Then, when power restores it shuts off and normal power will resume. A whole house electrical generator is much like what a hospital or business uses to ensure they maintain power.

Benefits of Whole House Generators vs. Portable Generators

A generator is the best way to make sure your house has power in case of a utility outage. At a low price point starting at $200 or so, a portable generator is appealing to many homeowners. So, why consider a whole house generator instead? The portable unit has limited power and cannot keep a whole house running. Consider these extra benefits.

  • Fuel Source – Whole house generators use natural gas or propane, which is often easier to store than gas.
  • No Extension Cords – Permanent wiring means no extension cords running through your home.
  • Automatic Switch – Choose an automatic switch for your generator. Then, the changeover from one power source to another is seamless.
  • Quieter – A whole house generator is, by and large, quieter than a portable unit. If you need to use it for an extended time it will be less obtrusive.

Choosing a Generator

With all the generators on the market today, choosing the right one is a challenge. Work with a professional electrician to choose the ideal generator for your house. Size matters, so picking one that has power enough to keep your house running is important. Choose a high quality brand like Generac. You can feel confident your generator will work when you need it most.


Avoid Power Outages

There’s a rather straightforward reason for owning a whole-house generator: power. You want to be able to use all of your electrical appliances, tools, and other devices when your power goes out. Take a few seconds to think about how much you actually depend on having a steady supply of electricity to carry out your daily activities. Severe storms on the Atlantic seaboard account for millions of customer-hours of lost service every year. You want to be ready.

3 Benefits that whole house generators offer:

  • It’s Always Automatic –
    A whole house generator is directly connected to your electrical panel. This means that if you leave for work and the power goes out 5 minutes after, your house generator will automatically kick on and keep your home comfortable. Call now for more information on our whole house generator services.
  • Maintain power during blackout –
    Accidents may occur in your local and cause the power to turn off. When this happens, often times the power will be out for a while while repairs are happening. With our whole house generators, you don’t need to worry about your food spoiling or not being able to turn on the lights, contact us today for expert service.
  • Power during natural disasters –
    Natural disasters happen they will knock out the power, make sure you are prepared for hurricanes and are able to keep your home running even when these disasters happen.

With fair pricing and guaranteed work, our electricians are your go-to for your new house generator. Reach out to Luminous Electric today!

Confident Solutions for Unpredictable Weather

Waste and Uncertainty

Florida regularly experiences dangerous and damaging weather. Hurricanes shut down huge portions of the power grid, affecting millions of residents. Sometime how long it will take for your electricity to be restored is unknown. If you have a fully stocked freezer and refrigerator, but no electricity, you could end up losing a great deal of money on wasted food.

Deadly Heat

Summer temperatures in Florida regularly break 100°F. The effect of the heat is intensified by the stifling humidity, which averages around 90% during the summer months. Young children and the elderly, in particular, are at risk of suffering from heat-related health issues.

The Simple Solution

Your back-up generator will automatically switch on when the power supply to your home is disrupted. Maintaining your own independent source of electricity means that you don’t have to put your life on hold whenever the power goes out.

Professional Installation of Whole House Generators

One of the most important considerations with whole house generators is the installation. This is not a project you want to try to take on yourself. A generator requires careful installation by a electrician to ensure success. Also, any task that involves working with electricity can be dangerous. Hiring a professional to do the job ensures safety and quality work.

Are you interested in learning more about whole house generators? connect with Luminous Electric. Our electricians are skilled and friendly. We are here to answer questions or if you are ready to set up a consultation. Give us a call today.

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