If Your Hillsborough County, Florida, Office is Still Using Traditional Incandescent Lightbulbs, Here are Some Reasons to Upgrade Your Office Lights

Vampire electronics lurk in every Clearwater, Florida, home, quietly drawing electricity and draining bank accounts. Energy vampires are devices that draw power even when they’re turned off, and they’re a costly nuisance that’s bad for the environment. Here are a few of our top tips for warding off vampire electronics and seeing some real Clearwater, FL energy savings.

Unplug Devices

Take stock of the electronic devices you use in your home. Do you really need to keep that extra TV or video game console plugged in at all times? Chances are that there are several devices throughout the home that can be unplugged between uses.

Reduce Idle Time

It’s easy to get into the habit of allowing our laptops to hibernate or keeping those game consoles on pause. Unfortunately, these devices continue to draw power even in sleep mode. To avoid wasted energy, power off the devices every time you finish using them. If your laptop needs charging, keep it plugged in long enough to charge when powered off and then unplug it.

Use Power Strips

With so many electronic devices in use in our daily lives, it can be difficult to pause and unplug items several times a day. That’s where power strips come in handy.

A power strip allows you to toggle the power off and on with the flip of a switch. This means you can keep several devices plugged into one power strip and turn off the strip when you’re away, which kills all electronic vampires at once.

Upgrade Your Devices

Older appliances draw more energy than others, which is why it’s so important to make mindful upgrades. Consider replacing full-time devices, such as your refrigerator, with ENERGY STAR-rated ones. Upgraded appliances lower standby consumption to help save your household money.

After all this, if you still find issues related to your home’s energy consumption, you may need to consider electrical rewiring services. Contact Luminous Electric at   to learn how updated wiring can help save your family energy.

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