You Need Whole-Home Surge Protection for your Bradenton, FL Home

Statistically speaking, you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than win the lottery. While both seem like a far-off possibility, lightning striking your house is far more real, especially around Bradenton, Florida. Each year, lightning causes about $6 million in property damage, yet few homeowners know that there is a way to safeguard against it. However, there is a solution. Whole home surge protection can protect your assets and keep your property free from harm when the weather rages on each season.

Limiting Effects of Power Surges

Very simply, a sudden increase in electric current causes a power surge. These bursts move through your home wiring where they damage electronics and appliances. While lightning is the most damaging cause, appliances that cycle such as HVAC systems and washer/dryer combos can cause frequent power surges that can ruin your most expensive assets.

Protecting Your Assets

Whole home surge protection is the most comprehensive way to protect all of your electronics from a power surge. While many homeowners rely on single outlet surge protectors to prevent a catastrophe, this isn’t always effective. Many outlets are in hard to reach places. The whole home surge protector installs into the electrical panel or meter as a chokepoint for any surges that enter the home. By cutting off these surges at the entry, you reduce the chances of a lightning strike destroying things in your home.

However, you should still consider a single outlet surge protectors for your home. These units protect against internal power surges. When coupled with whole home protection, you have comprehensive coverage both inside and out.

As one of the leading electrical contractors on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Luminous Electric provides comprehensive services including whole home surge protection. If you need to cut the risk of electrical surges to protect your most valued items, consider a whole home surge protection installation and contact us today. Visit our website or give us a call at .

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