Top 5 Reasons You May Need an Electrician

How old is the wiring in your home? The truth is that electrical wiring isn’t good forever. In fact, it’s only rated to last between 50 and 75 years. This means that if your home was built before 1972 and has never had the electrical system upgrades, you may need to hire a Florida electrician to improve the electrical safety of your home and upgrade the system.

1. You Don’t Have Enough Outlets in Your Home.

If your home isn’t new, there’s a good chance that you do not have enough electrical outlets. This is because homes have more power-using appliances and electronics than they did even 30 years ago. You may have TVs and entertainment systems in multiple rooms of your home along with multiple small kitchen appliances, cell phones and automated cleaning appliances. In order to be able to plug everything in, you may have purchased power strips and plug adapters to give your home more outlets. The truth is that outlets are designed to handle the number of plugs they contain, and that number is usually two. If you have multiple overloaded outlets and wires snaking across your home, it’s time to hire an electrician to install more circuits and more outlets in your home.

2. You’ve Noticed Hot Outlets and/or Switches.

If you have outlets or switches that are getting excessively hot, it’s time to call an electrician. While outlets that are in use may get a little warm, it’s not a good sign if they are so hot, they feel like they might burn you. Not to mention, extra-hot outlets could shock you, causing severe injury.

3. Your Circuit Breakers Are Constantly Tripping.

How often do your circuit breakers trip? If you’re constantly resetting them, it could be a sign there’s a serious problem with your home’s electrical system. Of course, it could also mean that you need to have the circuit breaker replaced. Either way, it’s time to call an electrician in Florida.

4. Your Lights Flicker.

Unless there’s a problem with your electric company’s power supply, your lights should not flicker. It could be a sign that your home’s power grid is overloaded. In this instance, it’s best to call an electrician and have your home’s wiring inspected and repaired or updated if needed.

5. Your Home Doesn’t Have Grounded Outlets (3-prong plugs).

If your home was built before 1969, you may not have 3-prong plugs in your home, or if you do, the grounding plug may be connected to nothing. This is because prior to 1969, there was no mandate for installing grounding wires on homes. If your home does not contain any grounded plugs or you suspect your home’s electrical system doesn’t contain a grounding wire, it’s time to upgrade your system.

Upgrading and Repairing Your Home’s Electrical System with Luminous Electric

Upgrading, repairing and replacing your home’s electrical wiring, circuit breaker box, outlets and switches is easy when you choose Luminous Electric. We are a family-owned electrical company headquartered in Bradenton, Florida, and we can handle all of your small and large electrical system needs, from updating your outlets to installing completely new electrical systems.

To learn more about our electrical services, contact us today.

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