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The electrical system in your home is quite complicated, to put it mildly. It powers so many of your daily activities and you rely on it probably more than you realize. When you experience electrical issues, they can quickly disrupt your life and cause quite a bit of inconvenience. At Luminous Electric, we have solutions for your entire home.

Our Riverview electricians are extensively trained and highly skilled and uphold the highest safety standards. From electrical repairs to replacements to routine maintenance, there is no problem too big or small for our team.

Our Electrical Services in Riverview Include:

Of course, our courteous employees are happy to help with more straightforward tasks, including system tune-ups.

Our team of skilled and certified electricians is committed to providing top-notch solutions for your residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Luminous Electric is an A+ Rated by BBB, honored by with Angie’s Super Service Award, recognized as the Best of HomeAdvisor, and is 5-star rated by various authorities.

If it’s electrical, we can handle it. Reach out to our team today to schedule an appointment.

Choose LUMINOUS ELECTRIC for Your Electrical Needs in Riverview, Florida. Despite the many electricians serving Riverview, we take pride in being among the best. Our team has extensive expertise in a wide range of residential and commercial electrical systems. Opting for LUMINOUS ELECTRIC ensures your safety against potential electrical hazards and fire risks. We are steadfast in our commitment to providing secure, precise services and achieving complete client satisfaction.

Searching for an outstanding electrician in Riverview? Your search ends here. Our proficient team is prepared to address all your electrical needs. Contact us or schedule an appointment today to initiate your project!


The Riverview area has been continuously inhabited for nearly 200 years. A locale called “Peru” was the site of one of the first permanent settlements in this part of Florida. Although Peru is gone, it did give rise to the nearby settlement of Riverview, which was officially founded in 1885. During the subsequent decades, commercial activity gradually increased. However, Riverview was bypassed by large-scale development until the late 20th century. At that point, the local population exploded with a mixture of retirees and professionals looking for a cheaper alternative to nearby Tampa. Today, Riverview is a bustling, diverse community with close ties to the rest of Florida.


Riverview is located in Hillsborough County. It’s nestled between Gibsonton, Bloomingdale, Progress Village and various unincorporated enclaves. Major transportation thoroughfares include Interstate 75 and U.S. Highway 301. Although much of Riverview has been developed, patches of undisturbed woodland, swamps and even farmland remain. The terrain itself is flat and often marshy.

Population & Demographics

Riverview has a year-round population of about 70,000. Thanks to ongoing real estate development, this figure is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. Most Riverview residents maintain ties to nearby Tampa. Some even commute as far as St. Petersburg. As in many neighboring communities, there’s a sizable contingent of retirees and seasonal residents here.

Things to Do in Riverview, Florida

Riverview’s most notable attraction is the Alafia River, a popular venue for boating and fishing. On clear days, nearby Vance Vogel Park is popular with sunbathers, dog-walkers, and kids. To the southwest, Apollo Beach boasts one of the region’s most popular manatee viewing stations. To the north, the Plaza at Brandon Town Center and the adjacent Westfield Mall serve as regional shopping destinations.

Climate & Weather

Riverview has a mild, nearly tropical climate that’s marked by predictably hot summers and mild winters. Rainfall is common throughout the year, but precipitation increases in frequency and intensity during the summer and fall months. Meanwhile, frosts and freezes are extremely rare in the Riverview area. Direct tropical storm strikes are uncommon as well.

Luminous Electric has developed a reputation for value, promptness, and ingenuity. The company routinely offers discounts and deals for its most common services, including high-impact work that needs to be completed on a tight timetable. Luminous excels at devising creative solutions to vexing problems, including custom rewiring for increased computing loads and the unique requirements of outdoor kitchens or entertainment areas. Thanks to Luminous Electric, Riverview keeps the lights on in every season.

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