Car Charging Installations in Florida

Have you recently bought a new electric car? If you have, you probably know that they can be charged via any outlet, but connecting them to your home’s existing power outlets results in slow charging. To speed up the time it takes to charge your electric car, you should consider installing a dedicated charge point.


Types of Electric Car Charge Points

Before you have a car charging station installed in your home, it’s important to understand a little bit about the three types of outlets used to charge electric and hybrid vehicles.


Level 1 charging is plugging your car into a standard 120-Volt outlet. This adds between 3 and 5 miles of range to your electric car per hour. Most standard outlets can supply this level of power. The charging cable for this level should have been included with your vehicle. This is the most affordable type of charging station, but it also offers the slowest charging speeds. This type of charging is typically recommended for hybrid vehicles.


Level 2 charging is plugging your car into a 108 to 240-Volt outlet. This adds between 12 and 80 miles to your car’s range per hour. This is most common for home charging stations. You may need to purchase an adapter or a new cord for this type of station if it wasn’t offered to you at the time of your electric vehicle purchase. This option is reasonably affordable for more homeowners and is best if you have an all-electric vehicle.


Level 3 charging is plugging your car into a 400 to 900 Volt outlet. This adds between 3 to 20 miles per minute. This type of outlet is available at public locations, like gas stations. You may need to purchase a separate charging cord or adapter for this level of charging if it wasn’t supplied with your vehicle. This option is affordable for businesses who wish to add car charging to their services.

Charging Station Installation Services

Here at Luminous electric, we offer residential, commercial and custom car charging station installation services.


Our residential car charging installation service can install a Level 1 or Level 2 car charging station at your house. Since Level 1 can be any outlet, the most popular option is the Level 2 240-Volt outlet, which is the same level of power supplied to your dryer or air conditioner. It involves creating a new dedicated circuit in your electrical panel and installing the wires and charging outlet as well as any stands to raise the height of the plug so that it’s more convenient to use.


Commercial charging stations are typically Level 3. These are known as DC Fast Chargers or Supercharging Stations. Since these require 400 to 900 volts, most residential areas cannot accommodate this. However, they are perfect for gas stations and stores and shops that wish to add Fast Charging Stations to their parking lots. Our team of electricians can determine the best location for your Level 3 charging stations and install them.


If you require a unique design for your car charging stations to match your home or business décor or to go in special areas of your parking lot, we can customize the stations for your specific business. We install car charging stations in parking lots and garages, gas stations, shopping centers, car dealerships and car rental agencies. Simply contact us about your unique car charging needs.

Installing Your New Car Charging Station with Luminous Electric

If you need car charging station installation, our electricians at Luminous electric can help. We can survey your property, determine the best location for your charging station, whether it’s in your garage or located in your driveway, and install all the needed wires and components so that you can charge your car as effortlessly as possible.

To learn more about our car charging station installation services and to schedule an appointment, call us at 941-727-0272.

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