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Welcome to Luminous Electric, a family owned and operated electrical company in Bradenton. We set ourselves apart from our competition by focusing on delivering outstanding customer service each and every time. As a small company whose owners live in the community we serve, we value the relationships we build with our customers.

We provide a wide variety of electrical services for both homes and commercial properties. Our technicians are experienced, trained, licensed, and insured, and are experts in electrical installation, repair, and maintenance.

hen you hire our Bradenton electricians, you can count on:

  • Honest, fair pricing
  • Extensively trained and continually educated electricians
  • Friendly technicians who are not pushy
  • Three-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

Trust the team at Luminous Electric for all your electrical needs. Contact us today.

No Problem Too Small

Many homeowners think that small fixes like faulty outlets, flickering lights, and ceiling fan installations don’t require a Bradenton & Sarasota electrician. Though these tasks may seem small, an improper fix can result in further problems and even injury—and then additional, costlier repairs.

Our Bradenton licensed electricians are committed to providing fair pricing and will never charge you for anything you don’t need, so even if you have a problem that you think doesn’t require our services, we invite you to give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss your issue and provide information about how we can help. We care about your satisfaction and will never try to make an unnecessary sale.

4 Signs you May Need our Bradenton & SarASOTA ELECTRICAL SERVICES

  • Flickering Lights –
    Noticing a flickering light could be due to a loose connection. If this is occurring in multiple rooms of your home, it’s likely that it’s an issue with your circuit. If the entire home has flickering lights, it could be a problem with your breaker box.
  • Hot Electrical Outlet –
    The electrical outlet should never get hot, if you notice this, make sure to immediately unplug any cords that are using that outlet and don’t continue using that outlet until you are able to troubleshoot the problem. Contact our expert Sarasota electrical services for professional help.
  • Electrical Shock –
    If you feel a mild shock when you plug in a cord to an outlet of when you touch an appliance that is plugged in and this happens every time, you may have a ground fault or your electrical wiring was improperly installed.
  • Burning Odor –
    Noticing a burning smell should be a pretty quick indicator that something is wrong with your electrical system. If it is getting hot enough to melt it’s plastic sheathing, you are risking a potential fire and need to call our professional emergency Sarasota electrician immediately.

Our Installation Services

We do so much more than just repair your electrical problems—we also specialize in installation
and replacement services.

Our installation services include:

ensuring Your Electrical System Is Safe & Efficient

Our licensed Bradenton electricians are dedicated to the safety and well-being of your home—and everyone inside. We offer electrical inspections to make sure your home is up to code and energy audits to help you save money on your utility bills. Our routine maintenance will help us catch any small issues before they grow into larger, more expensive problems.


Additional Services

Luminous Electric aims to be a full-service electrical company that you can count on for everything electrical. Some of our additional services include:


Guaranteed Satisfaction

Simply put, if you’re not satisfied with our Bradenton electrical services—then neither are we. We go above and beyond to provide outstanding customer experiences. If for any reason we fail to do so, simply let us know. We offer our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

For the best electrical services in Bradenton, reach out to us today. We proudly service Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Manatee counties.

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