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Have you been thinking about how a new light fixture would make your dining room look more modern? Or, you need bright, functional light for your home office or garage. Perhaps, you are looking to improve a business office or workspace with lighting. It is true, great electrical lighting is important from both a functional and cosmetic angle. But, light installation is not a project you should tackle alone. Discover more details about this project and why you need a pro on your side.


What Does Light Installation Entail?

Unlike installing decor or hanging wallpaper, light installation can be a challenge. You are working with electricity. You may have to run wiring to an area if it is not already wired. Plus, you have to connect the light to existing wiring. If it is a hanging light, the fixture must be secure to eliminate danger of it falling from the fixture weight. Most lights will have a switch or dial somewhere too. Finally, there are cosmetic issues to think about. You want to attach the fixture flush with the ceiling or wall where there are no seams or lumps. Installing lights is a bigger job than most people think and requires care and knowledge.

Different Lights = Different Installation

It is important to understand that each type of light requires different installation. Installing recessed lighting requires different techniques than a ceiling fan/light combo. Light installation outdoors is especially complex. After all, not only does the light have to function and look good but it must be able to stand up to the elements. Plus these are the lights most often connected to security systems or timers.

Do I Need an Electrician for My Light Installation?

A general contractor or handyman may be able to complete simple electrical lighting installations. However, the big jobs are best left to a licensed electrician. An electrician will install a light to be functional and attractive. But most important, the electrical lighting installation will be safe and secure. If a light is not correctly installed, it can be a safety hazard that could lead to electrocution or fire. The team at Luminous Electric treats every light installation with the utmost care. Our electricians are licensed, experienced and knowledgeable.

Residential, Commercial, New Construction or Renovation

Do you have a specialty electrical lighting project? Luminous Electric is here for you. We help our customers with light installation no matter where it is. Our electricians have experience with both residential and commercial projects. We also know that customers may need installation in both new builds and for renovations. We are happy to listen to your needs and wants and put together a plan to accomplish all your lighting goals.

The right lighting, properly installed, makes all the difference in any environment. For more information about light installation services, reach out to Luminous Electric today. We would love to help you find the ideal fixture and set up an appointment for installation. Our professional electricians cannot wait to help light your world.

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