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Ensuring Your Home Always Has Power

During a power outage, a backup generator and provides emergency power to a home or business. These generators provide electricity without depending on the power grid. A transfer switch is an important part of a generator installation. It has two main options, automatic and manual. The best option for your situation depends on your electrical needs and your budget.

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The Luminous Electric’s technician demonstrates how to use the transfer switch.

What is the Purpose of a Transfer Switch?

The transfer switch changes (or transfers) energy supply from the local electric grid to your backup generator. It also buffers your generator from utility lines, and can therefore protect linemen from backfeed power surges. A switch is a crucial item of safety equipment. A wired backup generator is required by law in the US.

What is a Manual Transfer Switch?

A manual transfer switch requires a manual connection to the generator. In the event that your normal power source goes out, the power shuts off completely. You will need to start your generator manually and connect the generator to the switch. Then you switch your electrical source to receive power to the generator. When you once again have power, you will manually switch back to utility power.

What is an Automatic Transfer Switch?

On the other hand, with an automatic transfer switch, the process is automatic. When power fails, the switch senses it and triggers the generator to take over. The switch disconnects from the generator when local power is restored. It shuts it off and you will resume using utility power.

Which Type of Switch Should I Choose?

A manual transfer switch is smaller and less expensive to buy and install. Besides, maintenance can be less costly too.

Keep in mind, the effort required to switch from the different power sources is much more involved. Those who live in areas prone to power outages may prefer the convenience of an automatic switch. Some businesses need the seamless power switchover of an automatic switch. Examples would be hospitals or data centers. Lack of power in some situations can be dangerous, so having a generator kick in immediately is vital. In cases like this, the extra cost and installation effort is worth it.

Professional Installation for Transfer Switches

A licensed electrician should handle any project involving electrical installation. The NEC requires that transfer switches meet safety standards. A professional installation ensures this is completed. Plus, you can feel sure the job will be done right.

Licensed pros choose the correct size transfer switch. They base it on the generator power capacity. This prevents your electrical system from overload when the generator takes over. A power overload could damage your electronics and appliances. This is a serious safety issue too.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to generators. This is true whether you install in a house or a place of business. If you have questions about transfer switches or your generator, contact us at Luminous Electric. Our team of licensed electricians proudly serve Florida and its counties.

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