4 Signs Your Home is Having Electrical Issues

A sore throat tells you that you’re getting sick. Likewise, your home’s electrical system can exhibit symptoms of malfunction, too. Electrical issues are often serious, and unlike the human body, they don’t heal themselves.

If you experience an electrical problem in your Bradenton or Sarasota home, contact a qualified electrician immediately. The professionals at Luminous Electric urge you to watch out for these four warning signs:

Switches that Spark and Pop

When you plug in an appliance, do you see or hear anything unusual? Small, occasional sparks usually pose no threat, but if you see frequent, large sparks or hear popping noises, seek immediate help. The problem could signify a loose wire or faulty circuit.

Switches that Smell

If a burning odor emanates from your outlet, cut the power immediately and call upon a professional. Burning odors are serious and could quickly manifest as fire. Likewise, if a cord or receptacle feels warm, avoid using electricity until a professional resolves the problem.

Hot Light Fixtures

Do your light fixtures burn your fingers? Overheated fixtures lead to cracked internal wire insulation and house fires. Fortunately, this problem has an easy fix. Double-check your fixture’s installation manual to verify that you’re using bulbs of the appropriate wattage and size. If you don’t have an installation manual, search for imprinted light bulb specs on the socket.

Appliances that Shock

Electricity naturally pulls itself toward the ground. The human body, composed of 60 percent water, provides the perfect conductor. If you touch a poorly wired appliance, you may feel a tingle or even a shock as electricity surges through your flesh toward the ground.

If shock occurs, seek immediate medical attention for the victim. Then contact a qualified electrician to investigate the cause of the shock, which could be anything from a grounding flaw to a malfunctioning wire.

Each year, about 3,000 people die in electrical fires. Ignoring an electrical issue is akin to welcoming danger into your home. These issues won’t resolve themselves. Alert a qualified electrician to your concerns and gain immediate peace of mind. It’s that simple.

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