How To Know If You Need an Electrical Inspection

Everywhere you look—at home, in your office, or out and about town—our society relies on electronics to perform even the most mundane tasks. Electrical equipment and devices are a staple of 21st-century life, but that doesn’t mean they come without hazards. Electricity can be dangerous, and it’s important to ensure that your home or property is protected from electrical surges or faulty wiring and circuitry. That’s where electrical inspections come in.

What Is an Electrical Inspection?

An electrical inspection is a service completed by a professional electrician. During an electrical inspection, an electrician will ensure that your electrical system is operating properly and that your property is free of problems such as a defective panel and faulty wiring.

Are They Necessary?

Electrical inspections may seem like a luxury to some, but their importance cannot be overstated. According to the National Fire Protection Association, “Fires involving electrical failures or malfunctions accounted for the highest share of civilian deaths (18%) and direct property damage (20%).”

If you live in an older home, you likely have older wiring. Old wiring that’s not up to modern-day standards leaves your property more at-risk for electrical fires and faulty wiring.

But it’s not just older homes that could benefit from an inspection. If your family uses smart technology such as a Nest thermostat, Ring doorbell, or other devices and/or large appliances, electrical inspections can ensure your electrical system is able to handle the demand.

There are many benefits to getting professional electrical maintenance including:

  • Preventing electrical short circuits that cause fires
  • Correcting loose connections that could cause a surge or power loss
  • Optimizing energy-efficiency
  • Preventing serious injuries or death due to electrical failures

Signs That You Need an Electrical Inspection

At this point, you know electrical inspections are important–but how do you know if your property needs one? It’s a good idea to check your property for any of the following warning signs.

  • Burning smells
  • Buzzing or humming noises
  • Corroded, melted, or discolored wires
  • Scorch marks around electrical outlets
  • An outlet or fusebox that sparks
  • Hot wiring, outlets, or switches
  • Circuit breakers that trip whenever certain appliances are in use

Your team at Luminous Electric can ensure your electrical system is up to code and ready to handle whatever you and your family need. Contact our team online or by phone at  to schedule an electrical inspection today!

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