Blown Fuses a Persistent Problem? Get an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Dealing with blown fuses in your Sarasota, Florida, home is never a fun experience, but it’s something that impacts many homeowners in the area. It’s especially common among those with older homes since the wiring may not be able to handle the increased electrical demands. If you’re struggling with persistent blown fuses, an electrical panel upgrade may be the solution you need.

What Happens When a Fuse Blows?

Fuses control the power circuits and outlets in your home. They are all connected in a single panel, either an electrical panel or a fuse box. If too many electrical demands are placed on a single fuse, it won’t be able to handle the pressure and will blow to protect itself from more severe damage. Luckily, this issue usually isn’t permanent as you can reset the blown fuse in your control box.

However, when the fuses continue to blow, you may need to start making changes. The first change is adjusting how many appliances or lights you have plugged in within a specific area of the home. This may not resolve the issue permanently, especially if the wiring is outdated and can’t handle the increased electrical needs of your household. Between electronic devices, kitchen appliances, and additional lighting, your home may need an electrical upgrade to provide enough power.

Replacing the Electrical Panel

If you’re constantly dealing with blown fuses, an electrician can perform a full inspection of the wiring and electrical components within your home. A new electrical panel may be the solution, which will involve replacing the fuses and potentially increasing the voltage of those fuses to handle more power draws. During the inspection, your electrician will also look for any wiring issues and may recommend a replacement to improve the safety and electrical stability of your home.

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