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Commercial buildings are built to last, so they are usually equipped with the most advanced technology available at the time. Unfortunately, functional obsolescence eventually degrades the performance of existing equipment, which leaves facilities managers struggling to meet growing power demands within the context of a shrinking budget.

At Luminous Electric, we offer energy audits that will assist you in making wise business decisions. Our Florida electricians are part of a family-owned company that is committed to providing the best customer service available. Allow us to help your business thrive.

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Commercial Energy Audit Basics

A commercial energy audit focuses on analyzing the energy usage in a commercial building. The audit process has several key elements including:

  • Observation and understanding of the core functions of the business
  • Detailed analysis of the equipment, power costs, and historical energy usage data
  • Understanding the heating and cooling load based on the structural characteristics of the building
  • Charting the performance of the building and its equipment in various internal and external conditions
  • Provide recommendations for certain energy conservation measures (ECM) based on customer concerns and budget
  • Present anticipated annual savings related to the ECM
  • Provide overall cost of ECM implementation
  • Calculate payback and return on investment metrics over the lifetime of the improvements

The ECM proposal will include a variety of measures ranging from simple fixes to solutions that require a significant capital investment. No matter what the cost, every recommendation is designed to help reduce energy expenditures while simultaneously improving comfort and productivity.

The Commercial Audit Process

While energy audit projects can vary in scope and depth of analysis, the process and methodology used are typically the same in most instances. The auditor will gather information, interview the management team, and evaluate historic utility costs and operation protocols.

The main priority of the auditor is to locate efficiency deficits and identify energy saving opportunities. The results of these findings will be the basis for creating an energy audit report. As part of the process, the energy auditor will visit your facility and interview your management team.

Critical systems including:

  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Data center infrastructure
  • Controls
  • Any other devices that consume electricity are tested and evaluated

Depending on the complexity of the audit, information gathering may also include power draw, pressures, temperature, lighting levels and other factors that influence energy consumption.

Energy Audit Savings

Since building and company profiles differ dramatically, it is virtually impossible to provide a cost savings estimate without the benefit of a complete energy audit. However, many companies report a reduction in power costs of up to 40 percent with an average savings of 10-20 percent. If a facility has been operating for over a decade without any associated efficiency upgrades, an energy audit may help save a substantial amount of money.

Complete Commercial Energy Audit

If you are concerned about rising monthly utility costs, call the experts at Luminous Electric to arrange for a comprehensive energy audit. Our technicians can help expose hidden energy deficits and provide low-cost solutions to improve the performance and efficiency of your electrical system.

Our energy audit experts are standing by to help you and your business. Contact us today.


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