3 Electrical Safety Tips Your Children Should Know

Your home can contain many hazards for young children, and none are more dangerous than electrical systems. Going over electrical safety tips for children should be an essential part of your kids’ household education. Fortunately, most of these safety rules are easy to learn and understand.

Electrical Safety Tips for Children

  1. Teach your kids not to plug too many appliances, game players and other electrical devices into single outlets or power strips. Similarly, discourage using extension cords without adult supervision. If either of these rules is broken, it can result in an overloaded outlet and a possible fire. Less serious but serious nonetheless, an overloaded outlet can damage your home’s electrical system.
  2. Teach youngsters to handle cords properly. They shouldn’t be strung in areas where people can trip over them, run under carpets or rugs, come close to hot surfaces, or run in areas where a small child or pet can mess with them. Kids should also be taught not to forcefully pull a plug out of the wall.
  3. Children should be reminded repeatedly not to allow electrical appliances or devices near water. This includes hair dryers, radios, and computers. Young children should be taught the correct way to use electronics and electrical devices.

Outside, children should be wary of low-hanging electrical wires and should always treat a wire as if it’s “hot,” even when it’s not. They should avoid playing near fences surrounding power transformers, flying kites near overhead lines and playing near outside A/C units. Children should avoid climbing trees near electrical lines. They should be taught not to carry long yard tools or other lengthy objects in the air around power lines. All of these activities pose a risk of shock or electrocution.

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