3 High-Tech Lighting Upgrades to Illuminate Your Home

Though the Florida sun will do much of the work in the daytime, it’s important to choose the right lighting for your Hillsborough home when things get a bit dim. From task lighting to whole-house solutions, these high-tech lighting upgrades will change the way you illuminate your home.

High-Tech Light Switches

If you’re ready to move beyond the standard light switch, you’ll find several innovative options available. The Essential Wall Dimmer by International Fashion Machines uses Plush Touch Sensing Technology that allows you to swipe your lights on and off with a soft neoprene and acrylic pad. This switch looks more like a strip of carpet than a standard switch and comes in 14 eye-catching colors.

If you’re looking for something more modern, The Traditional Trading Co. makes a sleek switch that features a tiny, touch-sensitive circle in the center of a square light panel.

App-Controlled Lighting

Smart apps let you control your lighting whether you’re on the other end of the house or the other end of the country. Save energy by always making sure the lights are off once you’re in bed. This makes it easy to switch on lights around the house at night before you stumble your way over to a switch. It also helps you give the illusion of a busy family at home when you’re out of town to deter criminals.

Multicolor Bulbs

Give your home the right ambiance for any situation with the LIFX multicolor bulb. This bulb offers a stunning 16 million colors controlled via Wi-Fi with a smart app. Whether you’re pumping things up for a party or dimming the lights to a cool blue before bed, this bulb instantly customizes your environment to suit the mood.

If you’re rewiring your home to accommodate a new lighting system, make sure you turn to a professional for this hazardous job. Contact Luminous Electric at  to get your Hillsboro lighting in peak condition for your upgrades.

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