4 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe from Electricity

There’s nothing more important than the safety and well-being of your children. However, children don’t usually understand the dangers of electricity in the home. To avoid a potential tragedy, it’s necessary to teach them the perils of electricity. To keep your kids safe from electricity in your Bradenton, Florida, home, follow these simple tips.

Keep Away From Water

Although you already know how dangerous electricity is when paired with water, your kids may not. Teach them that any plugged-in appliance is lethal if submerged in water. As an extra precaution, you should only allow children to use these types of appliances under close supervision.

Electrical Outlet Safety

While you should tell your kids that it’s important to never stick their finger or anything else in an electrical outlet, using plastic inserts to cover the outlets is another fail-safe to ensure safety. Another way to curb the threat of shock from an electrical outlet is to use surge protectors that can be deactivated when they aren’t in use.

Tree Climbing

It’s a foregone conclusion that nearly all kids love to climb trees. While there’s nothing wrong with the adventure and curiosity of tree climbing, trees located near power lines are dangerous. Even if there’s no contact between the tree and the power line, adding weight to branches can cause them to touch. Therefore, it’s integral to tell your kids to steer clear of any trees that are near utility lines.

Don’t Climb Into High Voltage Areas

Throughout residential neighborhoods, there are many high-voltage areas. Primarily, these are electrical substations that contain high voltage transformers. Although these areas are typically surrounded by chain link fencing, the allure of hopping the fence is hard to overcome for many children, especially if a pet or ball lands within its confines. Explain to your kids that under no circumstance should they climb into these areas, as contact with anything inside is deadly.

Keeping your kids safe from electricity isn’t a hard task if you set rules and address their importance to your family. If you want to go the extra step to safeguard your home, call the pros at Luminous Electric. Our expert technicians can inspect your home and help you put electrical safety precautions in place to keep your family safe. You can reach us at .

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