Is There a Link Between ‘Dirty’ Electricity and Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that has the potential to be fatal. Physicians can treat the symptoms of asthma by prescribing medication and recommending environmental changes. For example, doctors often recommend a home environment free of allergens like dust mites and pollen for people with asthma.

While the link between asthma attacks and allergens is well-known, many people in Sarasota, Florida, are curious about a potential link between “dirty” electricity and asthma. Recent research has shown that limiting exposure to dirty electricity can reduce the incidence and severity of asthma attacks. Read on to learn more about the correlation between dirty electricity and asthma.

What Is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty electricity is a type of electromagnetic radiation or pollution. Two common names for dirty electricity are electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrical noise. Dirty electricity refers to the high frequency, powerful electrical energy that travels along wiring in homes and other buildings. In most cases, dirty electricity runs along wiring reserved for traditional 60-Hertz AC electricity. The energy contained by this pollution can be 2,500 times as much as the energy contained by 60-Hertz AC electricity.

When modern appliances, electronics, and energy-efficient lights convert standard electricity into other types of electricity to properly run, dirty electricity is often produced as a by-product. When devices draw standard electricity from wiring intermittently and not continuously, dirty electricity may be generated.

Once generated, dirty electricity will run along power lines, electrical wirings, and ground/plumbing currents to spread throughout a building. Dirty electricity can also spread to other buildings. Recent research has shown that dirty electricity can have a negative impact on health.

What Is the Link Between Dirty Electricity and Asthma?

Over the past three decades, there has been a huge increase in the occurrence of asthma. Some research studies have shown that increased exposure to electrical pollution may be to blame. Since the mid-1980s, the amount of dirty electricity in buildings and the environment has risen dramatically.

Researchers believe that the link between dirty electricity exposure and asthma may be similar to an allergic reaction. A researcher from the Karolinska Institute believes the electrical fields associated with dirty electricity cause the immune system to release cytokines, histamines, and other inflammatory substances to serve as protection. These inflammatory substances are highly linked to the incidence of asthma.

A research study conducted at a Wisconsin elementary school found that the symptoms of asthma almost disappeared when researchers eliminated high levels of dirty electricity in the classroom. Before the study, 37 students needed asthma inhalers at the school. However, after the high levels of electrical pollution were reduced, only three students needed to use asthma inhalers. The three students used the inhalers only prior to exercising to prevent asthma attacks.

While the link between dirty electricity and asthma is discouraging, those with asthma can take heart because reducing dirty electricity exposure may help reduce asthma symptoms.

How Can You Eliminate Dirty Electricity?

Before you try to eliminate dirty electricity in your home, you should first determine how high the levels of electrical pollution are in your home. You can get an electrical safety inspection, or you can use a deTekta meter to determine the amount of dirty electricity that is running on the wiring of your home.

If the deTekta meter reveals that the levels of dirty electricity are high on the wiring of your home, you can use dirty electricity filters to reduce your exposure to this pollution. Most dirty electricity filters work by removing pollution after being plugged into a circuit. Ideally, you should plug the dirty electricity filters into a circuit that is as close to the appliance or electronic that is creating dirty electricity. Continue to use the deTekta meter to determine whether dirty electricity levels have dropped.

Due to the strong correlation between asthma and dirty electricity running along wiring causes asthma, homeowners should do everything in their power to reduce exposure to dirty electricity. To learn more about reducing you and your family’s exposure to dirty electricity through electrical maintenance or if you need rewiring to eliminate those threats completely, don’t hesitate to contact the skilled electricians here at Luminous Electric by contacting us at .

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