How Custom Lighting Can Make Your Bradenton Home Look Its Best

Not all home lighting is created equal, and a unique lighting setup designed especially for your Bradenton home can really make it stand out. Here are three of the top custom lighting schemes that will help your home look its best.

Dimmer Switches

Over the course of a day, week, or even year, you might not need the same level of illumination from your home’s lighting system. Installing a dimmer switch gives lights flexibility and allows you to turn them up or down as necessary instead of just off or on. Adding a new dimmer switch might seem like a quick DIY project, but a professional electrician can make sure the dimmer works properly with your home’s electrical system and that you’re using the right light bulbs.

Recessed Lighting

If you’re undergoing a home remodel in one or more rooms, this is the perfect time to give recessed lighting a closer look. Just like its name implies, recessed lighting is installed in the ceiling, so you will never have to deal with unsightly ceiling lights. This lighting style works well with contemporary designs or anywhere you want a neat, clean look. Most homeowners install recessed lighting in rows or grid patterns, providing consistent illumination throughout a room instead of a single point of light in the room’s center.

Landscape Lighting

Installing functional and carefully designed interior lighting is critical, but many homeowners neglect their outdoor lighting. With a little custom work, however, you can make your home’s exterior both safe and stylish. Placing lights under landscape elements such as trees and bushes can provide a soft sunset effect; installing lights above garden areas can create a moonlit effect. An experienced electrician can walk you through cost-effective ways to create a custom landscape lighting design that makes your home look great from the outside.

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