Getting Started with Smart Home Automation in your Clearwater, FL Home

More customers are asking us what it takes to have a smart home or how they can invest in home automation. While the concept of a smartphone-controlled home seems like it requires a lot of investment and set up, it’s possible to get started in home automation with just few steps. Here’s how you can test this trend to see if it’s right for your Clearwater, FL home.

Start With a Few Gadgets

You don’t have to invest in a fully-connected smarthome to test digital automation. Consider investing in a few smart gadgets (no more than two or three) to see if you use them. For example, you could invest in a smart thermostat to adjust your home temperature or a few smart plugs to see if you use them. Once you see the value of these few devices, you can expand your smart tools.

Look For Smart Gadgets That Sync to Digital Assistants

If you have digital assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, look for smart tools that sync with these gadgets. This way you won’t have to operate multiple apps just to make a few features in your home work. The idea of having a smarthome is that everything is controllable from one location.

Find Gadgets that Meet Your Needs

You can find home automation tools for anything these days, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy them all. Instead, look for little problems within your home that you could solve with smart technology. For example, if you don’t like stumbling around in the dark every night on your way to bed, invest in a smart bulb or plug that allows you to remotely turn off lights. This will prove the value of smart technology more than an automated tool maker that you never use.

You don’t have to completely hook up your house in order to embrace home automation. All it takes is a few small investments and tests. If you’re looking to embrace smart thermostats or other automated temperature technology, call the experts at Luminous Electric today and we can help you find and install the devices that are right for you.

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