5 Ambient Lighting Tips for your Bradenton, FL Home

Ambient lighting can make a home feel more comfortable and welcoming. If you’re looking to boost the ambient lighting in your Bradenton, Florida, home, here are some helpful tips.

Install Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is placed directly into the ceiling, ensuring any fixtures are out of sight. They’re a sleek, trendless option for casting light throughout a room and enhancing natural light sources. LED bulbs, in particular, provide a clean, natural-looking white light option, and they last a lot longer and are more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs.

Consider Cove Lighting

Another way to bathe your home in ambient light is to have cove lighting installed. Cove lighting is often placed around a room’s perimeter to provide indirect ambient light by bouncing it off the ceiling or wall, diffusing the illumination. Wall sconces are another good example of cove lighting.

Choose Translucent Shades

The right floor and table lamps can create ambient light no matter the size of your space. Just make sure to choose translucent shades that allow the lamp to serve as supplementary light. Translucent shades allow light to pass through without being completely transparent. You can also purchase specially designed table and floor lamps that cast ambient light and make an artistic statement.

Use Pendant Fixtures

Decorative pendant lights add stylish accents to any space while contributing to the ambient lighting. They’re particularly nice in the bedroom where you want to create a soft, soothing atmosphere. Other great places to utilize pendants include over the dining room table, above the main living room space, or in the entryway. You can also use pendant fixtures in the bathroom where it can be difficult to achieve softer lighting.

Enhance the Natural Light

Above all else, plan your lighting fixtures in such a way that they enhance the natural light. In most cases, natural light should be the primary source of ambient lighting during daylight hours.

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