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Luminous Electric are a trusted, family operated company that you can rely on for all your electrical needs.

Whether you need someone to help design a power plan for your outdoor space or getting your fans installed in your home, call the company that your Lakewood Ranch neighbors depend on, Luminous Electric.”

John and Jo Levy live and work in LWR. You can trust their company for all your electrical needs.

BY E. ADAM PORTER Writer for “Hometown News USA”

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Your holiday party is coming up this weekend, and the weather will be perfect to open the sliders and let the fun spill out onto the
patio. Thanks to Luminous Electric, you have everything you need to keep the party humming out there, too. John Leavy came by and helped you design a plan to power your new outdoor kitchen and bar, and your poolside TV. You also had them run lights around the screen and into the backyard, so you have the
perfect illumination to set any mood, from family gatherings to fun with friends to romantic nightcaps.

Hometown Pros You Can Trust

Thanks to Luminous Electric, your patio and backyard are now an ultimate entertainment destination, day or night.

John Leavy learned the electrical trade growingup in Ireland. He enjoyed the work, the variety, and the opportunity to help people. “I love working in different envi¬ronments, different jobs, meeting people, and helping them.”

When John and his wife, Jo, decided it was time to resettle in Florida, they found exactly what they were looking for in Lakewood Ranch.

“We chose Lakewood Ranch, both for our family and for our business,” Jo says. “With four boys, we wanted to be in a family-oriented community. We love going down to events on Main Street, and we have made some good friends here, lifelong friends. It feels like we’ve been here all our lives.”

Bringing a lifetime of hands-on experience with him across the pond, John earned his Florida resi-dential and commercial licenses in 2011, founded Luminous Electric, and set out to deliver the best resi¬dential electric service in Lakewood Ranch. “From installing a new doorbell to a full panel to anything inside or outside your home—we want to be the best … Over the past five years working in the area, we’ve grown, but we’re still a family business, still the hometown electrician you can trust.

“We hire the best professional electricians, keep up with training and continuing education, make sure they’re technically well-equipped, and proudly offer a three-year warranty on our work,” John says.

“Lakewood Ranch has become our home. Our kids go to school here; they’re involved in the local soccer and swimming clubs, so, of course, we’re involved, too. With four boys, what they’re into is what we do, and we’re grateful to have a communi¬ty that offers so much for our kids. For us, when we walk down Main Street, we always run into customers and friends. That sense of community is very important, and the support from this community has meant a lot to us,” Jo adds.

Recently, John says he’s been getting a lot of calls for home charging stations for electric cars as well as whole-house generators and surge protectors.

“The partnership with the local Tesla dealership has been tremen¬dous, being able to help their cus-tomers and being able to offer the protection families want when the storms come, has been a rewarding opportunity. But, in the end, no matter why you call Luminous, we want you to feel like you’re calling a neighbor or a friend.”

Totally Satisfied

Jen and Andy Clark needed some¬one to run some electric for their new outdoor kitchen. “We called

Luminous, and they were extreme¬ly friendly and pro¬fessional through the entire process. They went out of their way to make scheduling easy and were available when we needed them. This was very important, because we had to coordinate the job with several other trades.

“John came out with one of the techs—you know, it was nice to talk to the owner of the company—and they looked at the job, which would require some intricate, detailed work. John had to coordinate directly with the plumber and the electronics in¬staller, so he had to come out several times, but he was always there when he said he would be.

“Luminous finished the job, and John called about a week later just to make sure we were happy with everything. Really appreciated that. It’s been about a year now, and everything is working great!”

Polite, Professional Problem Solvers

Lily Behrends had an electrical issue she couldn’t figure out, so she called Luminous. “We had some outlets that just kept blowing or tripping the breaker, and we didn’t know why this would keep happening. We had used Luminous Electric in the past for some other things, and we knew we could trust them.

“We called on a Saturday, and they offered to send someone right out, which we appreciated, but we thought this could wait until Mon¬day. The tech called to let us know he was on his way. He was very polite and professional the entire time he was in our home. Speaking with him and watching him work, we could tell he knew what he was doing. The technician found the problem, got it fixed, and we are very happy.”

Best of the Best

Lisa Pring is in the middle of a renovation project, so she needed an electrician who could spot problems and devise clever, cost-effective solutions.

“We were working on a garage extension and needed some electri¬cal work done, so we called Lumi¬nous Electric. They sent Daniel out, and we absolutely love him! He’s punctual, courteous, and knows how to solve problems. And, because this is an ongoing remodel with a lot of different trades involved, timeliness is very important. At one point we needed some electrical wiring run under what was going to be brick walkway. Luminous made sure to have someone out there before the paver guys showed up so that project wouldn’t be delayed. That made a big difference for us! Since then, Daniel has fixed the lights in the living room, installed all the outlets and switches, rewired the entire back of the house, and he’s always done an excellent job with a smile on his face, even when we sent him up into the attic.

“We will never hire another electrician. Luminous is the best of the best!”

Luminous Electric is located at 8023 34th Avenue East in Bradenton, 34211. For more information, go to or call .

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