Save on your Pinellas County, FL Electric Bill by Improving your Landscaping

Thoughtfully designing the landscaping around your Pinellas County, Florida, home can reduce your utility bills as well as air pollution. It can make your yard look more attractive, increase your house’s value, and extend your HVAC system’s life expectancy. You can lower your Pinellas County, FL electric bill by using efficient lighting, adding shade, and minimizing pavement.

Use Efficient Lighting

Modern landscape lighting uses only about one-fifth of the energy that outdoor lights once needed. You can also connect them to cameras or motion sensors. That way, they’ll come on only when people are nearby.

You can also set lights to work on a timer or use them to scare away possible trespassers and protect your home. With some lighting systems, you can even turn individual lights on or off wirelessly from your computer or mobile device.

Add Shade

Plant plenty of deciduous trees on the south and west sides of your home for shade in summer. Since they lose their leaves in winter, they’ll still let the sun heat your house. An awning over your outdoor HVAC unit will protect it from the sun, leaves, grass clippings, and other debris. You can also plant shrubs near your walls for additional insulation and shade.

Minimize Pavement

Asphalt and concrete can absorb heat from the sun and make the areas around them uncomfortable in summer. Due to Florida’s warm climate, too much pavement could force you to use your air conditioner on some days in winter, as well. Use as little pavement as possible for driveways and sidewalks, and choose a porous variety with a light color. An awning or a terrace with vines can help keep the sun’s heat away and protect your vehicles.

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