Top 10 LED Lighting Facts

LED lighting provides flexibility, dependability and energy savings for indoor and outdoor illumination.

  1.   Longer Light Bulb Lifespan with LED
    Most LED bulbs have an expected operational lifetime of about 100,000 hours – that’s almost 11 straight years of use! At 50% use (or just around 8hrs a day), your LED bulbs can last up to 22 years. This means you could raise a child in your home – and send them off to college – before you would ever need to replace an LED light bulb.
    And even when they do reach the end of their life, LED lights don’t simply burn out one day leaving your home or business in the dark. Instead the diodes in an LED light fixture will gradually emit less energy and dim over a long time. There are no surprise burnouts when you have LED lighting installed!
  2. LEDs use less energy
    LED lighting is truly innovative in terms of the energy efficiency. The US Department of Energy has found that residential LED lighting, particularly when used with Energy Star rated products, can potentially use up to 75% less energy while lasting 25% percent longer than traditional incandescent lighting. Widespread use of LED lighting installations could have the potential to save close to 44 electrical plants worth of power in the United States. You could be a part of this world-changing trend with one simple upgrade to LED in your home or business.
  3. LEDs are environmentally friendly
    The trademark longevity of LED light bulbs also means less physical waste produced. One LED light bulb can save materials and production for 25 traditional light bulbs. All LED lights are free of toxic chemicals and contain no mercury. They are also 100% recyclable. How many pounds of broken, burned out light bulbs will you be saving from the landfill by only switching your LED light bulbs every other decade? Lower energy bills for your home and less trash for your planet are just a few of the many reasons to upgrade to LED lighting.
  4. LED Lighting is Dependable & Durable
    The longevity of LED lighting can really not be overstated. LED lighting will illuminate your home for many years without challenge but it also has a number of outdoor and commercial uses. As such, LED lighting is designed to withstand a number of harsh environments and conditions. Shock and vibrations, vandalism, inclement weather – LED lighting stands up to it all. Making it a perfect choice for outdoor lighting such as landscape lighting and decorative fixtures.
    LED bulbs are also so durable due to being made with little or no glass. This makes them harder to break. It also means that should worse come to worst, tiny fragments of glass will not be left across any surface where an animals or child might be in danger of walking across.
  5. LED Beats the Heat
    Florida might be paradise, but temperatures can really climb. The sunshine can slow even those of us who live here year-round to a crawl – but it doesn’t stop LED lighting! LED illumination is designed to operate in extreme hot or cold temperatures; all while emitting very little heat itself. In contrast, incandescent bulbs emit about 90% of their energy as heat and for CFLs, it’s about 80% of their energy.LED lighting is able to withstand extreme temperatures thanks to the fact they produce such little infrared light and close to zero UV is emitted. This makes LED fixtures an ideal pick for any business that deals in products that are light and heat sensitive. LED illumination helps keep the temperature in your home or business consistent and comfortable, further reducing energy costs by reducing the strain on your central air conditioner.
  6. Create Your Ideal Mood Lighting with LED
    Lighting will affect the mood of any room – upgrading to LED illumination gives you the power to customize and control that feeling anywhere in your home or business. Color, intensity, and distribution are all under your command with LED lighting. Mood illumination with LED is also quickly becoming used in a variety of businesses, including classrooms and churches. In combination with a timer, LED lighting can even be customized to dim, brighten, and switch on or off on a schedule that perfectly matches your life. Who doesn’t want one less thing to think about in the home?
  7. Keep Your Home Safer with LED Motion Detector Lights
    We know nothing is faster than the speed of light, but did you know conventional lighting could take several seconds to reach optimal brightness? LED lighting is designed to reach full intensity as soon as it turns on. And frequent on/off switching has no effect on the performance or life expectancy of an LED bulb, in contrast to incandescent options. This, combined with its durability against the elements, makes LED an optimal pick for motion detection lights outside a home or business.LED is also designed to direct light to a specific location without the use of an external reflector. Though the diodes are roughly the size of a pepper flake, LED illumination systems are able to deliver light more efficiently to a desired location – and if that desired location just happens to be where a burglar is hiding, those few seconds could make all the difference to your home and family’s safety. Sleep a little sounder and start upgrading your motion detectors to LED lighting.
  8. LED contains No Mercury
    Unlike compact fluorescent lights, LED bulbs contain absolutely no mercury. If not disposed of properly, the mercury found in CFLs can be released in a dangerous vapor form. People and animals are at risk of inhaling it and there are many negative consequences to the environment regardless. Being mercury-free with upgraded LED illumination is just another way to help keep your home, business, and planet a little bit greener.
  9. Holiday Cheer with LED Lighting
    LED bulbs can be purchased in variable models, giving you the ability to set a single bulb to several different color settings – and even scheduling colors changes at set times. Any celebration can be made more whimsical through an LED lighting setup. Match your color profile to the season or occasion for instant merriment. You’ll quickly become a fan of using LED, both indoors and outside, during the holidays. The energy efficient diodes in combination with durable, glass-free bulbs means one string of decorative LED lights can be in use 40 seasons from now!Don’t let your imagination be limited to winter holidays like Christmas or New Year’s Eve though. Halloween, Easter, birthdays, and backyard barbeques can all be more memorable with a festive lighting treatment.
  10. The Flexibility of LED Lighting
    In comparison to halogen, incandescent, and CFL options, LED lighting has very low power consumption. In fact, LED bulbs are able to run on something as small as a watch battery. This gives an LED system amazing flexibility, both indoors and outdoors. Any concerns about having a live cable being exposed to the elements are put to rest with LED illumination. From garden lanterns to strings of Christmas decorations, LED lighting can easily be used for any situation without the need to be connected to a main electrical supply.

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