2 Common Winter Electrical Problems and How to Avoid Them

If you don’t mind the cold, winter is a wonderful time of year where you get to bundle up and spend time with family. But extra hours spent indoors means you’ll be using more electricity at home. This season is therefore notorious for bringing some electrical problems to light, such as faulty wiring and issues with circuitry. Watch for these common winter electrical problems and learn about what you can do to avoid them in your Bradenton, Florida home.

Accidentally Overloading a Circuit

Your HVAC unit will be running at its peak during winter, and if you’re also running a couple of extra heaters in your home, you might accidentally use more electricity than your home can handle. Watch for warning signs like flickering or dimming lights. Overloading circuits may also be a problem if you have family members visit for the holidays who plug in their devices, boosting the energy drain on your circuitry.

To avoid this, invest in surge protectors and be mindful of the electrical limits in certain rooms. Also, if you have to do chores like vacuuming or laundry, be cautious of running these appliances while you’re also running your heaters.

Problems With Wiring

Wiring issues can lead to issues like light bulbs going out before they should and having to reset your breakers a few times during the winter.

These may seem like mere inconveniences, but neglecting bad wiring and electricity issues can lead to greater consequences down the road. Speak with a technician about inspecting the wiring in your home. It may also be time to rewire your home’s electrical system.

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