3 Signs Your Bradenton, FL Home Needs Surge Protection

Without proper protection, the electronics and appliances in your Bradenton, FL home could be susceptible to sudden and serious damage. When a large boost of electricity surges through your home’s wiring, the extra voltage could cause everything from your washing machine to your TV to be damaged beyond repair. Your home needs surge protection if lightning strikes are common in your area, your electronics cycle on and off, and you have high-value electronics.

Lightning Strikes Are Common in Your Area

Lighting may not be the most common cause of power surges, but it’s certainly the most dramatic. When lightning strikes a utility pole that supplies your home with power, your electrical system will receive an immediate surge of voltage. If you don’t have surge protection in place, nothing will stop the massive wave of energy from damaging everything from your computer to your refrigerator and TV.

At Luminous Electric, we recommend taking a proactive approach to surge protection. If you already know that your area is at risk, get whole-house surge protection now to prevent future problems.

Your Electronics Regularly Cycle On and Off

Up to 80 percent of power surges actually originate inside of the home instead of from an external voltage boost. Many of these internal surges result from home electronics that continually cycle on and off. These cycles produce electricity fluctuations that can damage or break sensitive electronics over time.

To prevent these cycles from affecting your electronics, we recommend both whole-house surge protection and individual surge protectors at each outlet to cover your bases and protect your electronics. An electrical inspection can also determine whether your home’s wiring has more issues that you should address.

You Have Several High-Value Electronics

Whole-house surge protection comes at a reasonable cost, and the installation itself is affordable compared to the price you’d have to pay to replace all of your electronics and appliances. If you buy only the best electronics for your home, safeguard your investment with whole-house surge protection.

Does your home need proper surge protection? Call your professional services experts at Luminous Electric today: .

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