Electrical Rewiring for your Clearwater, FL Home: 3 Key Benefits

Depending on when your St. Petersburg, Florida, home was built, your wiring could have been installed long before televisions and computers were considered common household items. This means your wiring is likely damaged due to its age, and it might not be able to deliver the electricity that is needed to handle all of the electronics in your home. Check out the key benefits that you can enjoy from a rewiring upgrade.

Improved Safety

As your wiring ages, it can become frayed or damaged, or it can lose the protective coating that covers it. When this occurs, you are not only more likely to experience severe shocks but also an increased risk of fire. If you notice you are getting shocks when plugging in appliances or appliances are blowing fuses, you might have some faulty or damaged wires throughout your home.

Improved Capacity

Older homes were not wired with the proper electrical systems to handle the electrical demands of today’s technology. If your home was built before the 1960s, odds are it has 60-amp services where later built homes typically have at least 100-amp. The lower amp system is less safe for the electrical load that most homes handle, and this can even be reflected in a higher insurance premium. When upgrading your electrical system, you will be able to handle most of the appliances commonly found in homes today without constant tripping or power interruptions.

Protection Against Surges

Many older electrical panels would be considered obsolete by today’s standards. By upgrading to circuit breakers, you will no longer have to deal with replacing fuses as the breakers are reusable after the power trips. A new electrical panel will provide you with better-grounded support and dedicated voltage for major appliances which can help protect you against power surges that can damage the appliances in your home.

Enjoy the benefits of having your home rewired by contacting Luminous Electric at   today to schedule a home electric consultation.

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