4 Signs Your Sarasota, FL Business Needs New Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring is essential to your Sarasota, Florida, business. Unfortunately, outdated wiring can’t always keep up with modern technology, especially when your office has numerous computers and appliances. More than that, old wiring can pose a safety hazard. Here are a few signs your business needs an electrical upgrade like new electrical wiring.

The Lights Keep Dimming

It’s easy to overlook frequently dimming lights, but this is a clear sign you need an electrical upgrade. Dimming lights can disrupt work and make it difficult for employees to see what they’re doing, which inhibits productivity.

You Notice a Burning Smell

If your employees or customers have complained of a burning smell, your electrical outlets might be to blame. Outlets give off a burning smell for various reasons, including circuit overload, damaged wiring, exposed wires, or something caught in the box. If you’ve already narrowed down which outlet is the culprit, turn off the electricity to that area via the breaker box and call an electrical contractor.

Your Circuit Breaker Trips

Circuit breakers prevent fires by cutting off the electrical flow when the circuit exceeds the number of amps it can handle. When your business experiences tripped breakers frequently, you’re probably dealing with an electrical overload. This issue can be common in older commercial buildings not originally designed to house so many computers and other modern technologies. The only solution is to upgrade the building’s wiring as soon as possible.

Your Office Still Has Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring was widely used during the ’60s and ’70s when copper prices skyrocketed, but it’s now considered outdated and unsafe. Although you won’t often find this type of wiring in commercial buildings, older residential homes that have been converted to offices likely have aluminum wiring if they weren’t remodeled. Because aluminum wiring is more prone to catching fire, you should have the place rewired with copper.

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