Breaking Down the Process of Rewiring Services

Most homeowners don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the wiring or electrical components within their homes, at least not until something goes wrong. But it’s important to protect yourself and your loved ones by making sure that everything is in good working condition, which will help reduce the chance of electrical fires, shocks, and other risks. One of the ways that you can improve the electrical system in your Manatee County, Florida, home is to have it rewired. This is especially helpful if your home was built 20-30 years ago or more.

Signs That the Wiring is Going Out

Some major indicators that your wiring isn’t working right can include exposed wires or cables in your house that are showing visible signs of wear, or electrical shocks that you experience when using the sockets or switches. It’s also common with older wiring to have two-pronged outlets instead of the more modern three-pronged outlets, making it hard to plug in certain things. Some homeowners complain of frequent power outages but don’t know that this issue can be directly related to the wiring.

When you notice any of these signs, it’s important to bring in a professional to check out the wiring and determine the best course of action. It could mean that your home needs to be rewired.

Hazards of Unsafe Wiring

It might seem like a hassle to have your home rewired, but it’s well worth the time and cost required to get it done. Leaving old and/or unsafe wiring in your space can pose a number of threats to you and anyone who comes into the home. Most notably, it is a fire hazard. Fires can easily happen if a spark comes off the wires and lands on something dry and flammable, like drywall or insulation. Within moments, a fire can cause rapid destruction to the home and possessions within it. You can also experience electric shocks even when doing something as simple as plugging in an appliance or flipping on a light switch. The wires can also overheat as a result of overuse.

The Process of Rewiring

You can rely on our team at Luminous Electric to handle the rewiring at your property. We start by assessing the electrical needs of your home, allowing us to determine the size of the electrical system necessary to handle those needs easily and eliminate the problems that you’ve had in the past. Electrical usage has drastically increased over the past few decades, thanks to technological advancements, so people need systems that are more capable of handling higher demands.

Our master electricians know how to determine the correct size of your new system. It is one of the most important steps of the rewiring process. Once we have determined the proper size, we will then begin replacing the wires in accordance with local building codes. Part of the process often includes replacing the service panel, giving you access to the breakers that provide power to your home.

Safety Risks

Rewiring might seem like a fairly straightforward process, and it is for experienced and licensed electricians who know what they’re doing. But it’s not a job that should ever be attempted by a novice. Some DIY home repairs are doable, even if you aren’t a contractor or other experienced professional, but trying to do your own electrical work is very dangerous and never worth the risk.

Not only can you shock yourself or cause damage to your property, but poorly installed wiring can pose a serious fire hazard every time you turn on a switch or plug something into the wall. You can rely on us at Luminous Electric to handle rewiring and any other electrical needs you may have.

Rewiring has a number of benefits, including increased property value, improved safety, and higher capabilities for handling the electrical needs of you and your family. It’s especially important if your wiring is more than a few decades old. Luminous Electric has a local office in the area, so give us a call at  to discuss rewiring services at your home.

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