How to Safely Light Your Home for the Holidays (A Last-Minute Guide)

The holidays are a bright and beautiful season for home decorating, but all those lights can put a strain on your home. Make sure your Longboat Key, Florida, house is lit safely this season so you can enjoy the holiday festivities worry-free. These quick tips will help you avoid potential problems.

Make Sure Your Outlets are Safe

The holidays can put a lot of added strain on your home’s electrical system. Make sure it’s safe and well-maintained before you plug new items into your home’s outlets. Give your house a quick inspection: Outlets and light switches should be cool to the touch with no black marks around them; lights should never flicker or dim on their own.

Use Specialty Bulbs Sparingly

There are many specialty ornaments and bulbs that you can plug into your holiday light strands. While they are a lot of fun and certainly a bold way to add interest to your tree, you should use these decorations sparingly. A single light strand shouldn’t have more than two specialty bulbs or ornaments on it. Overloading the strand can cause permanent damage to your lights or spark dangerous electrical problems.

Separate Your Strands

You should connect no more than three strands of lights in a single consecutive string. Don’t try to connect every string on the house in a massive display that plugs into a single outlet. Properly dispersing your electrical usage will keep your holiday lighting and your home safe. This also makes it easier to troubleshoot problem areas. You don’t want your whole house to go dark because a single strand is having trouble. Grouping lights into smaller collections is a better strategy.

Is your home showing signs of electrical issues this year? If you have reason to believe something is wrong, don’t plug in your holiday decorations until your electrical system has had a thorough inspection. Our professional technicians at Luminous Electric can help you identify and resolve any problems promptly. Give us a call at .

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