Hurricane Season Means Weather-Related Power surges: Protect Your Electronics

Hurricane season is always stressful for Florida residents. This year, experts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are predicting a relatively tame season. In 2015, just two major hurricanes with winds over 111 mph are predicted in the Atlantic, but between six and 11 less powerful storms are expected to develop. Unfortunately, all it takes is one event to create devastating weather-related power surges from lightning and storm damage like downed electrical wires.

Why Surge Protection Is a Necessity for Suncoast Homeowners

The hurricanes and tropical storms that occur during the June-to-November season can quickly wreak havoc if they make landfall, but homeowners along the Suncoast have good reason to be concerned about the threat of power surges all year long. Lightning strikes are the leading cause of the voltage surges that fry microprocessors in today’s high-tech household gadgets, from computers and electronics to HVAC equipment and other appliances.

Florida’s Gulf Coast gets hit with 80 to 100 lightning-producing thunderstorms a year. Even if your home doesn’t receive a direct hit, a nearby lightning strike can send a rush of electricity in through the phone, cable or electric lines. When you consider that Florida leads the nation in lightning strikes per square mile, protecting your home with a surge suppressor is a necessity, not a convenience.

How Whole-House Surge Protectors Work

Surge protectors work by limiting incoming electrical voltage to an acceptable level and safely diverting any excess to a grounding wire. Whole-house surge suppression systems are installed either on the electrical meter or breaker panel to block external surges from lightning strikes or downed power lines from entering a home’s electrical system. Installing whole-house surge protection requires the skills of a licensed electrician to ensure it’s sized accurately and properly integrated into your home’s electrical panel.

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