Knowing When It’s Time to Replace Your Surge Protector

Surge protectors are great for protecting your electronics from harmful power surges, but did you know they have a short lifespan? All across Florida, frequent storms have a tendency to do a number on old surge protectors, making them nothing more than convenient power strips that offer little to no protection against lightning and power surges. So, how can you know when it’s time to replace your surge protector?

Lifespans are Measured in Joules, Not Years

Surge protectors are designed to handle a certain number of joules, which is a unit of electrical energy. How many joules your surge protector can stand up to will depend on the one you buy, so take note of the manufacturer’s recommendations before plugging in your electronics. Every time your home experiences a power surge, your surge protector has taken a joule hit. It’s impossible to figure out just how many joules your surge protector absorbed during any given surge, but you can be sure that a surge protector over two years old has already become obsolete.

High-Tech Warning Lights

Some surge protectors are designed with warning lights that alert you to when they need replacing. This is one of the best ways to know for certain when you need to invest in brand-new surge protectors. A warning light will indicate when there’s no protection left, so you know you’ll need to get a new one right away if you want to protect your electronics.

With that being said, it’s important to remember that not all surge protectors are created equal. Don’t settle for the cheapest ones just because you think any model is fit for the job. Heavier-duty surge protectors are designed for more demanding equipment such as desktop computers and home entertainment systems, while cheaper surge protectors are usually just fine for other electronics. And if you’re really looking to invest in quality surge protection, there are whole-home options available.

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