Whole-House Surge Protection and Lighting

Whole-house surge protection can be a godsend when a Florida lightning storm strikes your house. I found out the hard way when lightning struck my 2 story house in Sarasota, FL this past July. I don’t know if the whole-house surge protection would have prevented the $2000 softball sized hole in my roof. But it may have prevented the $17,000 of damaged electrical wiring, appliances, and electronics. When I first moved to Sarasota, Florida, my satellite dish company told me that Florida is the lightning capital of the world. Companies use Florida’s lightning storms to test the operational limits of their products.


Whole-house surge protection and insurance companies

Whole-house surge protection will prevent future lightning damage to my appliances and electronics. The insurance company recommended that I have whole-house surge protection installed in my home. They obviously know something that I don’t. It turns out, with whole-house surge protection, the insurance company greatly reduces their risk. It’s less likely that $20,000 of damage will occur the next time lightning strikes.

Whole-house surge protection and power strips

Whole-house surge protection does not mean plugging all your appliances and devices into surge-protected power strips. A surge-protected power strip is often nothing more than a glorified extension cord. An electrical surge follows wires into a house or building. The affected wires can include phone and cable lines. Such surges will threaten televisions, computers, network routers, printers, faxes, coffee makers, etc. In today’s modern age of technology, sensitive electronic circuitry is everywhere in our homes. As I discovered, a power surge can devastate a home’s electronic appliances and devices.

Whole-house surge protection and wiring

Whole house surge protection will divert a surge of high-energy voltage away from sensitive electronic equipment. This helps prevent catastrophic failure of appliances, devices, downtime, and data loss. Your computers, TVs, appliances, AC units, and even the wiring itself could be saved by whole-house surge protection. Imagine having to replace all the wiring in your house. My lightning strike burned all of the wiring in my attic. The wiring had to be removed and replaced by a certified electrician prior to installing the replacement AC unit.

Whole-house surge protection by Luminous Electric is available to customers in the Bradenton area. Our electricians are held to the highest standards. Call us today at  for reliable service.

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