3 Reasons You Should Install a Whole-Home Surge Protector

Having a whole-home surge protector can protect your high-tech electronics and appliances the next time an unexpected power surge hits. With frequent storms in Gulfport, Florida, local homeowners might want to consider whole-home surge protection.

While most homeowners dismiss power surges as unlikely scenarios, surges are not something to take lightly. Insurance claims resulting from power surges are among the costliest claims, and yet it’s easy to avoid these losses. Here are just a few reasons to consider whole-home surge protection.

You Want to Protect Your Investments

Appliances and electronics cost a lot of money, especially if you need to replace them all at once. The biggest benefit whole-home surge protection offers homeowners is protection for their valuables. Did you know that a single storm can cause a surge powerful enough to destroy your television, computer, air conditioner, and appliances? With a whole-home surge protector, you always know your investments are safe from harm.

You Need Full-Time Surge Protection

If you’re wondering how often you should use a surge protector, the answer is all the time. We never know when the next storm is going to hit, so you want to keep all your devices protected around the clock. With a whole-home surge protector, you never have to worry about plugging a device directly into an outlet. Whole-home surge protection can keep up to 40,000 amps of electrical current from flowing into the house.

You Use LED Bulbs

Most homeowners have made the energy-efficient switch to LED bulbs, which offer substantial savings over conventional light bulbs. The downside, however, is that LEDs feature tiny circuit boards that are prone to damage during electrical surges. If your home’s lighting is largely made up of LED bulbs, you leave yourself at risk of burning out every light in the house during a surge. Having a whole-home surge protector ensures those bulbs will continue to work once the power comes back on.

Are you ready to protect your home from electrical surges? Call Luminous Electric at  to schedule a surge protection installation.

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