Avoid Electrocution Hazards this Summer

As Tampa, FL area temperatures have plateaued in the 90s and the hottest days of Summer are upon us, more people are turning to the water to cool off. While pools, marinas, oceans and lakes are great places to relax or play with family and friends, they can also be filled with electrical hazards and dangers for children and adults who aren’t careful. Follow these tips to stay safe around water this summer.

Pool Safety

Backyard pools can be risky for households with young kids. Electricity can be found in numerous places around a home swimming pool, including underwater lighting, electrical swimming pool equipment (including pumps, vacuums, filters, and more), extension cords, nearby electrical outlets, overhead powerlines, and various pieces of recreational equipment (stereos, radios, handheld electronic devices, etc.)

Although it’s virtually impossible to eliminate all of these risks, many of them can be prevented by having a qualified electrical contractor review, maintain, and repair any faulty wiring or other electrical hazards associated to your pool. Just be careful to choose a contractor you trust, because unqualified or negligent pool-related electrical work can result in tragedy.

Take additional measures to keep your kids safe, by remembering the following advice:

  • No one should swim alone. Make sure your kids know to always be accompanied by an adult.
  • Keep a secure and lockable gate around your pool. Some homeowners even have alarms that trigger in case a young child opens a pool door without permission.
  • No running around the pool area. This prevents mild scrapes as well as major head injuries.

Boating and Dock Safety

Many Floridians enjoy spending their summer afternoons on boats in lakes, rivers, and ocean water. Docks and marinas are equally as dangerous as backyard pools when it comes to the electrical We recommend spending some time reviewing the infographic below. And when you’re done, spend some time reading this valuable marina and boating safety guide from the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI):


Beyond the electrical dangers, keep your family safe from the second you leave the dock with these helpful tips:

  • Always check the local weather before leaving the dock. Florida is known for its pop-up thunderstorms.
  • Inspect your boat at the dock. Before your family boards, make sure the boat is operating safely and everything is functioning.
  • Wear safety vests and hold the hands of small children. Even on the dock, kids can fall into the water and create a dangerous situation.By following these guidelines, you can beat the heat and have a cool and safe summer.If you’re swimming in the pool because it’s too hot to go inside, call Luminous Electric today and we’ll come out to fix your AC system to keep your home cool.

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