Troubleshooting Tips if Your Light Fixtures Flicker

While flickering light fixtures in your Anna Maria, Florida, home can cause annoyance, this problem can actually mean something more serious is awry with the electrical wiring or fixtures. If you’re having this issue, there could be a couple of reasons why it’s occurring.

Bad Light Bulb or Connection

If you notice that the lights only seem to flicker with a certain fixture, it’s likely caused by a bad light bulb or poor connection between the bulb and the wires. Replace the bulb and see if that fixes the issue. If not, try screwing in the bulb more tightly to see if the problem improves.

Loose Connection

When multiple fixtures flicker in a certain area of your home, it could be caused by a loose connection. This can actually pose a safety hazard, so it’s important to get it checked out. Some of the connections that can become loose include switches, j-boxes, receptacles, or wiring panels. If you have a hot connection that comes loose, your home is at risk for sparking, which can lead to a fire.

Issue with Power Supply

If the lights flicker on and off when your air conditioner or furnace kicks on, this is usually because the power supply is not enough to accommodate the sudden surge from a major appliance. As a result, the power is drawn from other items in the home, like lights or smaller appliances. While this isn’t necessarily a major safety issue, it can certainly cause frustration and could even lead to problems with certain tech products, like your computer, if the surge in power causes it to shut down and you end up losing your work. An electrician can make sure that your wiring is adequate to accommodate the shifts in power supply need and/or install a kit outdoors to reduce the amount of power needed when a unit turns on.

Neighborhood Problem

Ask around to find out if your neighbors are also experiencing issues with flickering lights. If so, it could be the result of something falling on the power line, lightning storms, or excessive use by someone else on your block.

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