3 Reasons to Upgrade your Circuit Breaker Right Away

The circuit breaker is the brain of your Sarasota home’s central nervous system. It manages and controls the flow of electricity throughout every room, making it one of the crucial elements in your home. Most people never give their circuit breaker a second thought, but it’s important to update old breakers, which have the potential to blow fuses and cause a lot of headaches. If your circuit breaker is dated and in need of replacement, here are some reasons to have a new one installed right away.

1. Appliance and Electronic Protection

Circuit breakers help protect your computer, TV, radio, dishwasher, and other electronic devices and appliances from electrical surges. Power surges have the potential to damage these devices, and older circuit breakers may not offer adequate protection. If you’re concerned about power surges ruining any of your devices, you’ll want to upgrade to a new circuit breaker as soon as possible.

2. Reduced Fire Risk

Electrical fires are a harsh reality for countless homeowners. These types of fires are generally caused by overloaded circuits and faulty wiring. Your circuit breaker is designed to be a crucial safety mechanism that prevents fires from breaking out, and you want to be sure yours can handle the job. While you can’t predict when a circuit overload is going to result in a fire, you can reduce your risk by taking the proper precautions. Installing an up-to-date circuit breaker is one such precaution.

3. Uninterrupted Connections

Older breakers can trip easily, forcing you to use only one or two appliances or electrical devices at once in an effort to prevent tripping. When you do end up tripping the circuit breaker, you’re faced with interruptions in phone and internet service, severing your digital connections. Lost data is also a real possibility. New circuit breakers don’t have the same issues, so you won’t have to worry about overloading the electrical system.

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