Could Your Sarasota Home Benefit from Electrical Rewiring?

If your Sarasota home was built more than a couple of decades ago, chances are you’ve had to upgrade everything from the windows to the garage door to the central air conditioning system. Many homeowners spend time and money improving energy efficiency and major appliances but ignore the state of their home’s electrical wiring. Here are four ways to know whether your home could benefit from electrical rewiring.

Aluminum Wiring

In newer homes, copper wire is standard, whereas aluminum wire is common in homes built in the mid- to late-20th century. Building codes no longer permit aluminum wire because it tends to lose its form when it expands and contracts, and it can also cause other metals to corrode. If your home includes aluminum wiring, consider rewiring with copper wire to ensure your family’s safety.

Frequently Dimmed Lights

If the lights in your home dim or flicker frequently, there’s a good chance your electrical system can’t keep up with demand because your home’s wiring is outdated. Plugging in too many appliances or gadgets can overload your circuit, leading to your lights not functioning as well as they should. This is a potentially dangerous problem that you can solve by rewiring your home.

Tripped Breakers

If your breakers trip regularly or you often blow fuses, your home’s electrical system might not be up to snuff. Consult with an experienced electrician to learn whether you need a whole-home rewiring or if adding copper connectors to your circuit breakers could solve the problem.

No Grounding

Older homes often have ungrounded or two-prong outlets. This might not seem like a big deal until you consider that ungrounded outlets don’t have a way to redirect escaped electrical currents. Rewiring your home’s outlets to add grounded three-prong versions is a good way to improve your home’s safety level as well as protect any gadgets you plug into the outlets.

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